More bang for your baht in Bangkok

MBK, you big, beautiful monster, I miss you!

Someone told me recently they couldn’t understand the hype about Bangkok’s best budget shopping mall, but then they don’t know about the fantastic little camera shop on the ground floor, Nice Face spa that will set your toes a-twinkling for a few baht up on the fifth, just near the fantastic food court and they don’t know about the awesome watch I bought there a few years ago, that only just conked out, to my dismay.

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Kyneton: Cool Piper calls the tune

Prunella’s florist on Kyneton’s Piper St.

Cafes and galleries open at a rate of knots, yet there’s still a tractor shop in Kyneton’s hip main drag. How groovy can one town get? 

IT’S a windy, rainy night, yet one street in this wee country town is buzzing with a crowd sipping sparkling wine and snacking while making dinner plans. Obviously country Victoria has changed since I last stuck my foot past Melbourne’s city limits sign.

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Hot to shop: Noosa

It’s not just about the surf and sand in this Sunshine Coast town, in Queensland.

Noosa is where the beautiful people gather to frolic on Main Beach, in between coffee, drinks and dinner on the pavement or by the window of the latest new restaurant; this scene’s all about being seen, especially if you’re fit, fabulous and tanned deep brown. 

They’ll be newly-arrived Melburnians lurking in the shadows in their southerner’s black rags and milk-white skin.

Don’t have a kaftan/surf board to fit the smart set? Look no further it’s hot to shop Noosa