All that glitters…gold and the gate

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I didn’t expect there to be so…many…saris. Here, women glitter – literally, with richly decorated saris. In the afternoon sun, the gold spangles on their clothing flash and shine, as does the gold in their ears, on their noses and occasionally, studded on their foreheads.

Early this morning, I walked to the nearby India Gate to take some morning shots. The gate commemorates soldiers fallen for the glory of India, in France, Mesopotamia, Persia and also in the 3rd Afghan war, to mention but a few battles. Scattered round the massive gate were sleeping dogs, comatose in the morning sun. One adopted me and we went for a walk together, him howling and chatting and occasionally lurching too close to my ankles for comfort.

We passed two women grubbing in the dirt for what I assume were seeds or roots, a girl who, though a series of practised, though complicated moves, was bathing in the public ponds and a few taxi drivers in gleaming Ambassadors, parked outside my hotel, the Taj Mahlal (naturally). One driver was from Dharamsala, up north of Delhi.

“Aaah, Dharamsala!” he moaned nostalgically. “Very nature. Very greenery madam. Not like here.”

I’m taking an overnight train there, so will report back.

One thought on “All that glitters…gold and the gate

  1. So its finally happpening…jolly good!
    The Occidental tourist is visiting where it all starts…
    just like in "Passage to India"
    ..where Judy Davis goes to see the man in her life…and discovers other enchantments…
    Only in this case..the tourist isnt on a journey of discovery..innocent to the world…but adds another stamp on a well used passport
    …and begins another reflection on diverse humanity..or in this case wanders the streets..taking in the "air".

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