bombing in khan al-khalili market

Yesterday’s bombing in the world’s greatest tat market is such a shock – what possible motives could the bombers have? I was up at Khan al-Khalili a couple of days ago, visiting a jeweller friend, and had left a watch up there to be fixed. I meant to go up to collect it yesterday, but was too lazy, and the shops close earlier on Sundays, the quietest day of the week at the market, though that’s little consolation.

I rang Sharban and he was ok, it was his day off (hamdo allah, he said a hundred times), but he had said the other night, when we were in a cafe drinking cold mango juice, that business is down due to the problems with Gaza. Poor thing, I feel so sorry for him as I can imagine his livelihood disappearing down the drain.

Perhaps I had my head in a bucket, but I didn’t know about it for a few hours, as my main news source, CNN, was FAR more concerned with the Oscars.

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6 thoughts on “bombing in khan al-khalili market

  1. i tried to watch the Oscars, but got so bored after the first number. I know a lot of people liked it but i thought that it was embarrassing. The only good thing about it was that he said excrement and that upset quite a lot of americans…

    For that i am grateful

  2. i am also glad that you are OK and not hurt. it is such a small world. during the Mumbai attacked i heard a name of the Australian girl who was shot in the leg and it turned out that she was a big part of my life when i was little.

    That was a strange feeling.

  3. Hi me again – who is me? I wandered back up to the market on Wednesday night and it was so quiet. There were some shoppers around, but for the first time, you could get a seat without waiting in Fishawi cafe, allegedly open for the past 200 years, and hugely popular with tourists, both foreign and Egyptian alike. The police presence was far more pronounced, as well. I saw a pre-Oscars interview with Hugh Jackman, didn’t realise how strong his accent was. What was embarassing about it, Ror?

  4. me is me, ror…

    The number was schmulzty and hard to follow and didnt move at all. lotsa people liked it, i didnt, but then i am a bit of a performance snob….

    i got ur invite and i will install skype soon.

    good it sounds exciting over there… are you going to visit jodie in casa?

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