Cleopatra’s dress bound to be a hit

The Egyptians in the crowd will love this: it’s a dress by Scottish designer Holly Fulton,  which Cool Hunter has picked up in its current edition. It’s all very Cleopatra isn’t it?

Speaking of Egyptians, a friend from Cairo popped into St Kilda last week and saw one of the buildings on the foreshore swathed in a massive red, white and black flag.

Oh, they really love Egyptians here, he said.

No, that’ll be the St Kilda football club’s colours, before the big game this weekend. Nice try, tho.

5 thoughts on “Cleopatra’s dress bound to be a hit

  1. Sorry guys, I REALLY must change my blog to get notices when someone leaves a message! Aladin, why is it my friend is a Sa3idy? I remember the numeric script, don't worry. Am practising it here in Dubai at the moment. And Judy, what's your blog??? b

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