Egypt smokes 19 billion cigarettes: maybe it’s time to quit?

It’s been a long time between drinks, as we say, and life has overtaken the blog. But I was awoken from my somnambulant state by a link to a BBC story that Adam sent me.

In it, the story claims Egyptians smoke 19 billion cigarettes each year. And that doesn’t include shisha smoking. It also says people light up in the oddest places, including hospitals.

I checked this bizarre statement with my Egyptian doctor connections, who just nodded, said, “Of course we smoke in the hospitals,” and kept doing what they were doing before I put that ridiculous question to them.

2 thoughts on “Egypt smokes 19 billion cigarettes: maybe it’s time to quit?

  1. Hey Menna, I think there is no utopia. My country, which is hard on smokers (forcing them to pay $15 a packet of cigarettes) has its own problems with alcohol – with street violence that you don't find in Egypt, something I find extrememly refreshing about Cairo.

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