Hot pants, chilled bourbon and an absence of ladyboys

Worth the drama of getting here…
Bizarre sights on my recent Melbourne to Noosa (Qld) flight: 
The couple opposite who have brought stubbie coolers on board with them to keep cold the Jim Beam & Coke they’ve ordered from the hostesses. Obviously seasoned Queenslanders. 
The non-Japanese girl in denim hotpants, white knee-high socks and thongs. An over-enthusiastic exchange student?
And why the rush to the loo the moment the seat-belt sign is off? The flight was delayed 45 minutes – surely you’d address this while cooped up in the aircon-dripping extension at Melbourne Airport?
If only Jetstar took a leaf out of the instruction manual of a new Thai airline, which has hired six transsexuals as flight attendants in “’what they felt is an effort to promote an equal opportunity agenda for what they consider the ‘third sex’”, reports eTN travel news.

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