McArabia: would you like dogma with that?

Far be it from me to plug a multinational food chain, but … rules were made to be broken. Let me phrase it this way: if there was no other option to eat in Egypt except at a McDonalds, you could do far worse.

Stop gasping people – I’m talking about the McArabia. Hurrah, McDonalds has forgone its cultural imperialism for one moment and come up with a passable alternative.

The McArabia is tasty flat bread with beef or chicken kofta, fresh lettuce, tomato and tahina inside. We have tried both and thoroughly rate the beef out of the two. At around LE25 (about A$5), it’s not cheap but it’s damned tasty.

They haven’t gone so far as to serve it up with the Ko’ran or a glow-in-the-dark plastic mosque alarm clock (yes, they are out there), but instead the standard fries and a drink.

2 thoughts on “McArabia: would you like dogma with that?

  1. It somewhat loses its context when changing from McDonalds to McArabia!
    Nevermind what it says about how much McDonalds is a construct from 'Western' society. The biggest link is that we Westerners have this penchant for meat! This then points to how little variety the main menu at McDonalds has ..if it doesnt have meat …what fillet of fish! But in this case I think it maybe that other less 'brainwashed' societies arent that impressed with the old Big Mac or Quarter Pounder…they may like variety and some taste in their food!

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