Egypt beats Italy in World Cup frenzy

You know Egyptians, like so many other countries, adore their football. I didn’t think it could get any more frantic, but with the World Cup looming in South Africa, the fanaticism has grown to an obsession. Especially after a close match with the champions of Brazil.

So imagine what Cairo was like the other night after they beat Italy. Yes, Italy! Even the Italians were disgusted with themselves, moreso when one of their players lost his pants to reveal a white backside, caught on a thousand cameras.

After the match, the city closed off one of the main cross-city tunnels as dancing revellers poured through it, and homemade fireworks lit the sky. Hundreds of cars lined up to drive through Korba, just near my house, so they could wave their flags and have their cars rocked by the swarms of boys celebrating with horns and drums, chanting, “Misr! Misr! Misr!” (Egypt! Egypt! Egypt!)

Egypt is next pitted against America tomorrow night, which they are ridiculously confident of winning, and is the qualifier for the World Cup. I say: show caution. They say: it’s America. Which is almost as bad as Australia.

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4 thoughts on “Egypt beats Italy in World Cup frenzy

  1. Well of course USA isnt as good as Australia!
    But the way Egypt are playing …I would like them to be in the final.
    That of course would mean less sleep in your unit …as the town parties!
    So go the Pharos!

  2. This is one depressed city today, Corby. Aside from the fact they were down their best players, it was an appalling match. In with anger, out with love… PS do you really think USA isn't as good as Aus? I didn't see the Aus-Japan game and know nothing about our form at the moment.

  3. It was still a great tournament for Egypt. They scored 3 goals against Brazil…and beat the current world champions Italy!
    Nevertheless it was agonising watching the match…especially as it seems they did miss their two strikers including Zidane. They did have some chances but couldnt finish.
    Now we wait to see if the perfect match-up is to come …of Brazil v Spain…beautiful football

  4. Well now we have the spectacle of even more bizareness, where Spain gets hustled by the USA to the tune of 2-0…and Brazil cant score until the 88minute against a very good Bafana bafana team(South Africa, the Condererations cup hosts).
    For the unwashed, like myself, this bafana bafana meaning Boys, Boys, was coined by three Sowetan sports reporters in 1992, shortly after the readmission of South Africa to world football. According to Neil Tovey, captain of the winning 1996 Africa Cup of Nations team, who was present at the time, "We were doing well and we were rookies in football, and that's what it means.” Its from Nguni apparently, a language group of southern Africa and has been much talk on this being used by the team. Its much like the Cameroon team being called the Lions and Egypt's team being kown as the Pharos.

    Whatever, South Africa played very attractive football.
    Now we wait to see how Brazil deal with giant killers USA on Monday morning aussie time, in the final.

    Naturally being an Aussie, I'm going for the underdog,US of A!

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