It’s been a week since these baby camemberts were born, at the Milawa Cheese Factory in the Victorian high country, and their downy fuzz is just starting to grow.

At Anna-Kate Pizzini’s cheesemaking classes, we learned to make camembert from whole milk, then ricotta from the whey separated from the milk.

The ricotta found its way into a spinach and ricotta gnocchi, thanks to a pasta-making class by Anna-Kate’s mother-in-law, Katrina.

And the camemberts are curled up in a container in my esky in the garage, biding their time till they’re ready to eat, in about six weeks.

The classes run the first Saturday of the month and include lots of fabulous cheese tasting, $160 per class or $450 for three classes, which covers making camembert & ricotta, blue cheese & chevre and hard cheese & paneer: