Oman skyline.

Ah, lovely Muscat. The capital of Oman has always been gorgeous (and hot and dusty and did I mention hot), and now it’s even more attractive, having been named the cheapest city in the world in which to live. 

Mind you, you’d have to be happy wearing white (if you’re a man) or black (if your a woman), though that wouldn’t be too hard, looking at Melbourne fashion lately. It’s just that we’d all be wearing gowns. 

In comparison, Melbourne is the eighth most expensive city in the world, beating New York, London, Hong Kong and even LA. However, it has to be taken with a grain of salt: it’s largely down to our muscular dollar that’s seen a loaf of Sydney bread ten times the price it was a decade ago, says the new report. 

The Chedi Muscat. One of the world’s great hotels.

That’s also the case for the world’s most expensive city, Zurich, which has finally bounced Tokyo off the top rung. Friends tell of Zurich mates who have had massive wage increases (30% in a year or two?) thanks to the Swiss franc’s stellar rise against all comers. 

Australia has eight cities in the top 20 (Sydney 7th, Melbourne 8th, Perth 13th, Brisbane 14th, Adelaide – hello, Adelaide? 18th). We don’t actually have that many more cities.

The answer is clear: we all have to move to gorgeous The Chedi hotel in Oman. Count me in.