Can you choose a cafe just because you like the name?

If so, a newcomer to Fitzroy’s Brunswick St should pack ’em in, with the catchy name, ‘Naked for Satan’. Let’s try it.

‘Hey groover, let’s get to Naked for Satan for skinny lattes!’

Yeah, it works. The coffee’s not bad, either. And the $2 pintxos (that’s mini-tapas, for you down the back who haven’t been paying attention) looked super scrummy as well, featuring healthy-sized chunks of bread layered with jamon or cheeses, and rows of glistening green olives, each dish spiked with a toothpick.

Proving it’s not trying to lure the mum’s clubs (ooh, nasty!), it doesn’t open till midday and there’s a refreshing absence of large, tasteless muffins, with just one sweet on offer, a groovy little three-bite chocolate-cream cannoli that won’t have your skinny girlfriends angsting too much.

Open just four weeks, it also serves vodka (but we were talking business yesterday) and apparently the go with the pintxos is you grab as many as you like, and count your toothpicks at the end to tote up the bill.

Cheap, tasty, fresh Spanish food? That’ll give those money-hungry CBD big names a boot in the pantalones.

Naked for Satan, 285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9416 2238