This being Casablanca and all, my Casa-based friend Jody and I wandered into Rick’s Café, modeled on the gin palace that appeared in the Humphrey Bogart-Lauren Bacall Hollywood movie, Casablanca. Beautifully decorated and spanning three levels with a terrace (closed because of heavy rain) and a comfortable lounge area that has that movie playing every night of the week, there’s something still missing. I think it’s the layout of the place – too narrow and tall – but beautiful acoustics for the piano, whose 1940s tunes trickle up to the high ceiling.

The cafe, a concept bankrolled by a swag of American expats, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.

This night, the clientele was a mix of tourists and expats, with a few tables of Moroccans. Perhaps it was so quiet as this is Ramadan. We ordered long vodka & tonics and took a seat at the tall bar, feet dangling from our bar stools. A word: don’t try falling off these devils.

(Interestingly, Misty is the song playing when you open Rick’s website…see earlier post, spooky)