There’s been a marked absence of royal baby babble on this blog – oh sorry, everyone but I’m going to break the silence.
Because this (left) is surely the most beautiful baby’s cake, from the makers of the most beautiful cakes.
Ms B’s Cakery is the braincandy of Hong Kong fashion doyenne Bonnae Gokson. Some of you may know Bonnae’s HK hot spot, Sevva, on the 25th floor of the Prince’s Building in Central. If you don’t know, you have no excuse not to go there now.
Last time I was there, late in the afternoon, one of the outside terraces has being guarded by men with earpieces, while fashionistas took elegant high tea. 

And as the afternoon deepened into evening, the beautiful aperitifs crowd pranced in for sunset drinks. The dress code is ‘easy glam’ (they request no singlets, tattered t-shirts or sooty runners: that’s right, no sooty runners). 

Oh, and Sevva serves MsB’s incredible cakes. 

See, you think you’re reading yet another royal baby story, but you also learn one of the best places for sundowners in central Hong Kong. Thanks for persevering.

Sevva: Prince’s Building 25th Floor, 10 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong 
Ms B’s Cakery: 39 Gough St, Central, Hong Kong