In response to the last post, here’s my list of things I don’t miss about Egypt, now I’m back in Australia.

1. Pollution. The smell of the eucalyptus and pine trees in the night air of the Mornington peninsula is olafactorial poetry.

2. Egyptian beds. Think unrolled futons, Egyptian beds are vast, but hard as rocks, and that includes the wood-like bolsters that masquerade as pillows but are actually an invention by the country’s chiropractors to drum up business.

3. Noise. The noise, the noise. Instead of taxi horns, second-hand goods buyers and brush shellers, it’s the sound of the sea and the rustle of wind in the trees.

4. Incessant tipping. Finally, I got the hang of tipping in Egypt when my luggage was hopelessly overweight, when LE5 ($1) ensured its position on the plane on the flight home. But the rest of the time? I was always too slow, tipping not enough, too much or just fumbling badly with change. Hello Australia and minimum wage, where tipping is for good service, not for survival.

5. Salt & sugar. So I haven’t got to the three-sugars-in-tea scenario, I’m noticing Australia’s lack of salt and sugar. This, my Egyptian friends, is a good thing. 

6. My old friends and family. Now, I don’t have to miss my old friends, as most of them are here (the family has, of course, skipped the country).