State of Escape totes.

Some people fill their carry-on luggage with ginormous headphones
(I’m more of an earbud person, myself). For others, it’s bags of snacks
(handy if you’re doing it lean, and on a low-cost carrier). I find that
between a camera, laptop and big scarf, the corners of my inflight bag
are filled with face spritzers.

I mean, my spritzer obsession really has gotten out of hand.

But I do love a pick-me-up of lemongrass, especially when that person
behind me whips off their hot shoes to reveal socks that can stand up
by themselves, or when the fug of reheated food just won’t leave the

Here, I’ve rounded up three more inflight essentials, including the latest colourways in the top tote from State of Escape (pictured), some damned fine eye patches by US cosmeceutical company Nerium and a truly fantastic salve from those clever Kiwis, Antipodes.

Click here for my feature in the first issue of the relaunched Essentials magazine, which is now national, around Australia.