Hi all, in case you didn’t realise, I’m back in Australia, just in time for Australia Day (a celebration of barbecues, lamb chops and lite beer). Here’s what I miss about Egypt. I will balance it with a second entry, so don’t worry about bias:

1. My souk (market). Perfect red tomatoes for 20c/kilo while the Australian equivalent comes in at $5/kilo.

2. Learning a new word a day. However, on the upside, I can understand everything everyone says here in Australia. But understanding it all has its downsides – do I WANT to know about Sharon’s speeding fine? Or Brian’s argument with a builder? Occasionally, ignorance is bliss.

3. Modesty. I have gone from seeing women in abayyas (long robes) to septuagenarians in hot pants. It’s a tough move.

4. Umm Aya. My cleaning lady who walks through my apartment like a queen on tour, before scrubbing it to gleamworthy. See, here she is in the blue scarf.

5. Speeding. Having spent a day stuck behind brand new 4WDs who insist on doing 40km/hour in a 70km zone, I miss Egypt’s cavalier attitude toward speed limits. A 50km/hour zone in Cairo? Where? Let me a take a picture.

6. Cairo’s architecture. It ranges from 4000 year old pyramids to the fabulous 1900s Moorish fantasies of Roxy (snapped above).

7. My new friends. Last, but not least. I miss you all.